Three ways AZMRF may help:

Learn about your OPTIONS through the AZMRF:

OPTION 1: One-Time Recovery brings mortgage payments current for homeowners who have experienced a temporary hardship and can resume making their monthly payments.

OPTION 2: Loan Modification provides homeowners with funding assistance for a loan modification that will result in an affordable mortgage.

OPTION 3: Loan Refinance provides homeowners with funding assistance to obtain a loan refinance that will result in an affordable mortgage.

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AZ Mortgage Relief here for you!

What is AZ Mortgage Relief Fund (AZMRF)?

AZMRF was launched in September 2013 with funds from the National Mortgage Settlement to provide assistance to struggling Arizona Homeowners.

No Cost to Apply!
There is NO cost to you to apply for AZ Mortgage Relief Fund. If anyone asks you to pay for mortgage help, it may be a scam report it to the Attorney General's Office by filing a complaint at

How can AZMRF help me?
If you have an unaffordable mortgage, AZMRF may be able to help you catch up on missed payments and/or pay down your current mortgage balance.

Contact a HUD-Approved Housing Counseling Agency near you today for all the details!

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